Losing Their Way

Taken on it’s own, last night’s Sabres loss wasn’t so bad.  They played hard, and took a lot of shots, a change from their most recent games.  They took too many penalties, but the Senators were diving hard, and the refs were calling invisible infractions on both sides on top of that. 

But, in a shortened season especially, you can’t take this game on it’s own.  This was a winnable game, and they didn’t do it.  The shots were mostly ones that were easy to stop, and too many of them hit Anderson square in the chest.  Even a middling goalie could swallow those up, and Anderson is anything but this season.  Ryan Miller was great, but zero goal support is the one thing he can’t overcome.

Can the Sabres recover?  There are doubts, man.  They’ve got a couple of days here to regroup, but the next two tilts are against Boston and Pittsburgh.  Pretty tough to get right against those guys.  It’s only a 3 point gap to 8th, and every other Northeast team would be in the playoffs right now.  The goal should be to catch as many of those teams as possible.  Unfortunately, fans are rapidly losing faith that this is even possible.

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