Draft History

It’s useless to look at today’s (yesterday’s now, at least in my time zone) now and declare it good or bad.  No, Buffalo did not trade up for Seth Jones or whoever your top pick would be.  They kept drafting D when forwards were supposed to be the way to go.  You know what?  If these guys pan out, no one will complain about that 5 years from now.  What I’d like to illustrate is just what a draft pick should be expected to do, and why complaining or praising the picks now is fairly useless.

From 2000-2004, Buffalo made 44 picks.  Of those, only 20 have ever played even a minute in the NHL (and some of those could rightly be counted in the minutes).  Of those, 9 were first or second round picks.  By the way, do you know how many of this first and second rounders are still with the Sabres?  Two, Vanek and Stafford.  Artem Kryukov, Gerard Dicaire, Branislav Fabry, Mike Funk, remember those guys?  How about Jiri Novotny or Chris Thorburn?  Those two, maybe you have a dim recollection.  Move forward a few years, and it’s no better (Marek Zagrapan?  Dennis Persson?  There’s a reason the reduced scouting of the time swore off Euro players and it wasn’t just because international flights were expensive).

The best thing for you to do right now is read the good stuff about the players, starting with the Sabres.com article on the draft…

One little-known fact about Compher is that he modeled as a toddler.

Hmm, maybe just look for some content from SabresProspects and Die By The Blade.  Although maybe the NHL is missing out on Toddlers and Tiaras crossover publicity.

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