Jerseys aren’t this hard, guys

Like most of you, I had tired of the third jersey teases weeks ago.  Just show it to us, we cried, not knowing what horrors lay ahead.  Well, thanks to Steve Ott (and the Sabres’ PR wonks) we now know what the new yellow-ish third jersey looks like:


Oh…oh dear.  I sprang that on you without a warning, didn’t I?  Sorry about that.  Where to begin?  I hate that the nameplate overlaps a seam though I may be the only one that bothers.  And what the hell font is that?  I’d think keeping a similar look amongst the jerseys would be a positive.  The gray number is hideous.  The Buffalo wordmark on the front…why?  It looks terrible, like it’s placeholder text for something cool that never got replaced.  Just unneccessary, man.  I hate the arm stripes that stop at the shoulder, it would probably look better going all the way across (conveniently removing the Buffalo wordmark).  One positive:  no gray sweatstain armpits.  Oh, and I believe the yellow is one uniform color, the arms look different due the lighting.  Because even Buffalo isn’t THAT stupid, right?  *looks at the third jersey again*  Sigh.

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