Are We Having Fun Yet?

A lot has changed (finally) for the Sabres since last I posted.  Me, too.  I have new glasses for the first time in forever.  They, for their part, seem bound and determined to not be good or particularly entertaining.  Hey, at least the coach and GM are switched up (or going to be as soon as a new GM is found).  Ted Nolan might have them trending upwards, in general, but it hasn’t exactly been Dan Bylsma taking over the Penguins here.  Of course, Buffalo doesn’t have Malkin or Crosby either.

The problem I have is, I STILL don’t feel like there’s a direction here.  Are they going to try one of those quick rebuilds where you keep some vets, bring a few more in, and go for it in the next year or two?  Another three year plan?  Something else?  Maybe the new GM will be deciding, but until then it just feels like the team is in a holding pattern (or circling a drain, depending on your point of view).

I’m willing to be patient – living with Buffalo sports for 15 years requires it – but I just need to see the wheels turning.

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