Blog Life

I’ve been debating writing something about the blogger meet and greet with Ted Black the other day, then Ryan over at the Roost went ahead and wrote just about what I would have, right down to the Galactic Senate pod bit.  So read that, first, if you haven’t.  How do I feel?  Well, it’s clear why Terry Pegula has Ted as the public face of the franchise – he fits in just as well with us regular folk as he probably does in the boardroom.  I, on the other hand, write on the internet for a reason.  Like Ryan said, Ted is a guy you want to listen to and believe.  I’m happy to have been included, especially for game with an ending like that.  It’s an interesting look at how the other half (or is it 1%?) watches games even without meeting the team prez.  Oh, and hey:  rope line thoughts:

  • John Scott is big. (shocking, right?)
  • I like Jason Pominville as captain, but he sounds hilarious trying to pump guys up.
  • Steve Ott gave a little girl a stick, which was fun to see.  I wonder how often that happens?
  • It must be really strange for the players.  Felt like they were trying NOT to look at us.  Awkward.  Apparently there are times when the players are more interactive.  It was a tie game at the time which may have had an effect.

Sabres New Media Summit

I was invited to, and will be attending, the third Buffalo Sabres ‘New Media Summit’.  They used to just say ‘Blogger’ there, but New Media sounds all professional-like.  If you have any questions, feel free to pass them on, and I will do my best to hide behind Phil from B&B&G and wait for someone else to ask them.  Seriously, I will ask what I can.  Time to dust off my dress pants!  The life of a blogger that works from home, I tell ya.

Who else decided to go?

The Sabres Blogger Summit

I was having my fun with this yesterday, tweeting a few reasons why I’m not attending, but of course, I wasn’t actually invited to tomorrow’s event.  One wonders how the attendees were picked, but we’ll never know.  Am I too nice to the team?  Do I not blog enough?  Am I not enough of a squeaky wheel?  I wonder.  Anyway, I was surprised when it was announced that we could watch the proceedings.  No better way to make the more amateur bloggers (as in, the ones that don’t go on the radio or what not) nervous than to put ’em on video.

In all seriousness, the folks that are going are a great crew, and we should get some solid information out of it.  If it goes well, hopefully it becomes a regular thing.  Have fun guys!