Interesting Target: Bobby Ryan

Bobby Ryan is a restricted free agent, and a tweet from Jeff Marek of CBC got me thinking about him.

Burke wants a forward who can score w/size. Bobby Ryan remains unsigned in ANA. Ducks may lose Nieds. Kaberle on the mrkt. Just sayin’…

Obviously this is in reference to wheeler-dealer Brian Burke up the QEW, but this is a move the Sabres could make.  Ryan would be a solid pickup, adding size and scoring that the Sabres sure could use (back to back 30 goal seasons).  Now, the Sabres don’t have a Kaberle to dangle in trade talks, but may be able to work something with picks/prospects.  I would love to see Bobby Ryan opposite Thomas Vanek.

Not directly related, but Kaberle has an interesting NTC:

can name 10 teams that he will accept a trade to; if the Leafs miss the playoffs in 2008-09 or 2009-10, he can be traded without restriction from that Entry Draft until August 15

Interesting that you can specify a window when you can be traded, to avoid deadline day, or early season trades., based on playoff performance (or non-performance, in the case of the Leafs).

9 Replies to “Interesting Target: Bobby Ryan”

  1. Absolutely NO way we would ever be able to get Bobby Ryan. For the same reason Toronto won’t, it would cost too many draft picks, especially number one draft picks. It just isn’t feasible.

  2. I’d kill for Bobby Ryan. That being said, I’d kill for a season of Kaberle, too, and I think the Sabres would be able to get Kaberle easier than Ryan.

    If Burke, wants Bobby Ryan, I have no doubts he’d be able to get him. This is a trade that’s too savvy for Darcy to make.

    What I’m curious to see is, if Burke manages to trade for the negotiating rights to Ryan, how much of a raise he’ll get. He’s gonna command a good one, for sure.

    1. I imagine Ryan’s new deal would have to be somewhere between Connolly and Pominville, so if Darcy wanted to make a play, one of those guys would have to go somewhere.

      I have a hard time taking Kaberle seriously, just because I haven’t taken the Leafs seriously for a while. That has to change, I think.

  3. Of course, someone (Edmonton again?) could just deliver a big eff you to the Ducks and throw a Vanek-esque offer sheet down. Darcy doesn’t seem the type, but that sure would be a fun ride…

  4. Even if the Sabres sign a UFA, what will they really lose? Until the 2007/8 drafts it isn’t like we have much to show for our first round draft picks. Bobby Ryan would give the sabres another real weapon.

    1. That’s what I’m thinking…I wonder what it would take to trade for his rights? Was Phil Kessel going to be an RFA when he got traded/signed with Toronto? I don’t recall.

  5. Intriguing idea even though we already have a left winger. Bobby Ryan certainly is a Ruff “kind of player” but I doubt Anaheim is going to trade him for more prospects when they already are bilking the Flyers this year for their first rounder for the second straight season. Further, I expect Anaheim to be active in UFA market this summer as well rather than continue to dismantle their team further. That 1st line of Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf, and Bobby Ryan is impressive but they need more help on defense and the 2nd and 3rd lines.

    If the Sabres were able to work out some kind of trade- say if Anaheim signs Kovalchuk than it might be possible. The minimum I would expect in return if I am Anaheim is Tim Kennedy, Drew Stafford, and Mike Weber. All of them are NHL caliber players, all young and inexpensive and it fills their needs.

    This would help the Sabres as well. They get rid of Stafford finally without losing him the UFA next year. They get much more skill on the wing in Ryan, and they open up a crowded defenseman corps for Gragnani, McNabb, and Crawford while leaving them a slot to resign Tallinder for 3 more years.

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