On The New Celebrities

It was an interesting experience the other night, during the Penguins game.  With the fanbase giddy from the outgoing ownership presser, another discovery was made – Terry Pegula’s daughters were on Twitter.  My first reaction was ‘cool’.  I didn’t think much would come of it, but then they (especially Jessie) began to engage with us.  It’s a pretty unique situation – I can’t recall ever having the children of a team owner being this publicly available (other than the grown-up ones that get VP titles).  We’re kind of in uncharted territory here.

I laughed a bit at first at some of the concerned noises coming from the media regarding them, but honestly there are some things they should watch out for – and some things WE as fans need to keep in mind as well.  First, I’d like to apologize in advance for the morons on Twitter that will be rude, vulgar and disgusting to them, especially after the first decision their dad makes which is unpopular.  Block early and often, and don’t feel bad about it.  On the flip side, the rest of us need to remember that they will probably not be involved in running the team now, or heck, maybe ever.  I can imagine that even joking “haha, put a good word in with your dad for x player” comments will get old quick.

Actually, on that – I was listening to WGR the other day, and one of the hosts (can’t remember if it was Jeremy or Schopp) was worried that Terry wouldn’t want to trade Roy as an example, since Derek Roy is Jessie’s favorite player.  Uh, really?  I think the billionaire businessman might be able to make a hard decision or two.  This isn’t Veruca Salt, “but I want a first line center NOOOOW!”.  Puh-leeze.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, they are fans, like us.  They tweet, they blog, but they themselves don’t own anything.  Behave yourselves, and show them what the City of Good Neighbors really means.

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