Mystery Players, Center Edition

Let’s play a game.  I’ll give you the stats for several centers in the league, and you tell me which ones are ‘number one’ centers.  Ready, GO:

  • Player A:  28G, 49A for 77 points, 1.07 points/game in 2010/2011.  24G, 57A for 91 points, 1.14 P/G in 2009/2010.
  • Player B:  24G, 58A for 82 points, 1 P/G for 2010/2011.  26G, 43A for 69 points, .86 P/G for 2009/2010.
  • Player C:  32G, 44A for 76 points, .95 P/G for 2010/2011.  25G, 43A for 68 points, .89 P/g for 2009/2010.
  • Player D:  19G, 57A for 76 points, 1.13 P/G for 2010/2011.  19G, 50A for 69 points, 1.05 P/G for 2009/2010.
  • Player E:  21G, 36A for 57 points, .92 P/G for 2010/2011.  23G, 34A for 57 points, .95 P/G for 2009/2010.

So who are they?  Drum roll, please!

A:  Brad Richards
B:  Derek Roy (10/11 numbers extrapolated to a full season)
C:  Jonathan Toews
D:  Ryan Getzlaf
E:  Jason Spezza

A couple of those guys missed 10-15 games in a season (Spezza and Getzlaf especially), but the numbers are still close, aren’t they?  And yet, some folks around town scoff at Roy as a top-flight center.  There’s usually one or two centers who outperform the crowd (Sedin or Crosby for example) but beyond that, this is what you get as a number one C.  I was curious about these numbers, and I hope this gives you another perspective on the center pursuit by the Sabres.

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