The Untouchables

Looking at the Sabres roster as it stands right now, before free agent signings, I’m trying to figure out who is ‘Untouchable’.  Who will not be traded no matter the offer (even if it’s 10 first-round picks)?  The list is short:

  • Ryan Miller – A great goalie, and the one true international star we have, thanks to the Olympics.
  • Tyler Myers – Barring something insane happening next year with his production, he’s the one guy I’d sign to one of thos ridiculous 8+ year deals.
  • Thomas Vanek – Our one true goal scorer, on a big contract.  Don’t know about you, but I’m keeping the 40+ goal guy (with a good center ice guy)
  • Paul Gaustad – Future captain, faceoff ninja, fan favorite. 

There are a few others that are in that category by default (rookies on their ELC, just-signed Mike Grier) but that’s really it.  Seems like there should be more than that.  I can think of 4+ forwards alone on many teams.  I wonder if other teams view their rosters the way I do, though.  I know the Pensblog boys have been having fun with all the ‘Trade Malkin!’ articles that popped up after their playoff ouster.  I can think of a bunch of guys I’d keep if I were Pittsburgh, just not sure they’d agree.

If you have any others that fit in there for Buffalo, let me know.

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    1. Interesting. Kaleta might just qualify – he’s close, in my book. I think he fits in with what they want to be like in the future, so yeah, maybe. Ennis, I think while he’s got a lot of positive momentum, I think if Darcy had a move come in, and Ennis was a key piece, he’d be out. I’d be sorry to see him go, but if something good came back, I’d move on quick. I might even applaud Darcy for making a move before a guy’s production falls off (Clarke, Staffy).

  1. I would honestly take Goose of that list. His frustrating vanishing acts aren’t doing him any favors. Kaleta ought to DEFINITELY replace Goose in that list. The Sabres play an almost completely different game with Kaleta on the ice. He emboldens them for sure.

    I also agree with your assessment that while Ennis could be up there, his value right now is so high, he could go for the right player.

    1. I admit, I waffled on Goose a bit. Probably means he’s not worthy of this top tier, but I feel like there’d be more of a ‘fan revolt’ if he was traded than if Timmy isn’t. (Sorry Mr. Harrington!)

  2. Awesome. There’s an trade idea from some Oilers fan, day-dreaming about trading for Tyler Myers, giving back Jordan Eberle (and whatever else it takes). Yeah, not happening. LOL.

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