Gameday 2010-2011 – Canadiens at Sabres

Another day, another chance at a home win.  It won’t be any easier than beating Boston, however, as Miller may not play, and it’s the same crew of lackadaisical scrubs giving pucks away like candy on Halloween.  I still feel they can stand in with any team in the league, but I won’t expect it until I see it more than once.

I don’t want them to feel any undue pressure, but another start like last game that ends in a bad loss could be what triggers the proverbial bomb getting set off in that locker room.  And I don’t know if I’d really be against it.  Yes, I’ve acknowledged that the panic button is in the room, and might’ve even flipped the up the protective plastic cover.  I bet if I update my ‘untouchable players‘ list, it’s going to be really short.

You know what, let’s do that now…currently untouchable (and I don’t mean because they are injured or suck):

  • Ryan  Miller.  Duh.
  • Tyler Myers.  Yes, giveaways, but he’s had some bad luck too.  He’ll come around.
  • Uh, Derek Roy?  He’s probably been the most consistent forward so far.
  • Thomas Vanek.  He’ll score.  Needs help though.

Goose is off the list.  At one time, he seemed to be developing a bit of leadership, but I haven’t seen it at all this year.  Faceoff prowess isn’t enough to keep you on a team.

Interesting to think of Kaleta, who other Sabres bloggers wanted on the list.  I haven’t noticed him making much of a difference.  I want him on the list, but there’s nobody else doing enough for me to put them on there.

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